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Adolescent Immunization Rates

Resources That Can Help Your Practice Implement and Encourage the 16-Year-Old Immunization Platform Visit

16-Year-Old Platform Fact Sheet

A resource that explains the rationale for the 16-year-old immunization platform visit and details what can be done and discussed with your adolescent patients during the visit.

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Implementation Fact Sheet

A short information guide that explains the steps your practice can take to successfully implement 16-year-old immunization platform visits and maximize their potential.

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Slide Presentation: A New Column for 16-Year-Olds on the Immunization Schedule

This educational slide presentation outlines the rationale for the change to the immunization schedule and the benefits it can provide to your office’s approach to adolescent health.

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Rationale for the 16-Year-Old Platform White Paper

This white paper demonstrates the importance of a 16-year-old platform visit to deliver vaccinations and discuss adolescent health issues.

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Best Practices White Paper

This white paper details the steps a South Dakota-based health system took to implement the 16-year-old platform visit, and how your practice might use their learnings.

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